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Beta for a Pete/Carl schoolboy fic

Oct. 25th, 2015 | 10:58 pm
posted by: bilo4biggles in albion_beta

Hey everyone! :-)
I'm new here and I'm writing my very first fic, schoolboy.
I just finished the first part, I can't tell by now how many there are going to be or even in which direction it's going. It's kind of innocent Pete/ withdrawn Carl, I'm sure it will be a bit angsty later on, about sex I'm not sure yet, maybe in much later parts. I'm not a native speaker so it would be great if someone kept an eye on spelling, tenses(!), etc.
I would be very happy about help, so if anyone is interested, please let me know :-)

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hey there i need a beta, please!

Dec. 9th, 2014 | 01:01 pm
posted by: jacyna in albion_beta

erm, yeah it just came over me yesterday - so i have written this little piece of 1633 words, comes to 2,5 pages in word.
its quiet the angsty peter and carl scene - i guess, not sure about the angsty part.
it´s my first attempt of writing and im not a native english speaker, but i really want to dare and share it with the albion-fic community. so please someone help me to fix it up, that would be much much appreciated!

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Slightly off-topic beta

Jul. 30th, 2012 | 04:42 pm
location: Manchesterrrrr
feeling called beta: weird weird
music to beta by: the sweet sound of my favourite Doctor Who episode
posted by: illneverdance in albion_beta

Beta needed for a Miles Kane/Alex Turner crack!fic that doesn't make much sense at the moment. Sorry. 344 words so far and a cameo from Liam Fray.

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Beta needed! x

May. 9th, 2009 | 05:05 pm
posted by: bluddyell_miss in albion_beta

Title: Thawing Heart (subject to change)
Author: bluddyell_miss
Pairing: Pete/Carl
Rating: Likely to wind up at NC-17
Genre: AU, in which Peter is spending the winter on a houseboat, though the lake in which he is moored has frozen over. He is paid routinely visits by a mysterious (and then not-so-mysterious) ice-skater (Carl).
Loosely based on 'Dooi' by Rascha Pepers.

I've only ever written stand-alones and I think this may end up as anywhere from ten to twenty parts so I'm hoping for a devoted beta who will provide constructive criticism. Candour is very much appreciated, as well as a good kicking to avoid procrastination on my part, heh. If you spot mistakes (and there'll be a handful, I'm sure. Or two. Or three.), could you put it beside the error rather than correcting it? Just so that I know what I've done wrong. As for the obvious - please don't change my story, though suggestions are always welcome.
Thank you very, very much in advance!

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(no subject)

Sep. 26th, 2008 | 06:43 pm
posted by: didzease in albion_beta


I'm asking for some help. English is not my native language, and so I need a beta. It's not the first time I'm writing fic, and I usually post them without beta (the community I usually post fics in is used to a less great quality of fics so they don't really care if I make some mistakes) but when I'm posting on an albion community I'd really like to have a Beta.

Soo, if there's anyone who wants to help me?

Information about the story:

Title: Golden Eye-liner
Author: Didzease
Rating: E
Pairing: Pete/Carl

Genre: AU (Secret Agents) and rather ridiculous so probably Comedy too?

And briefly: what is it about? 
As the new James Bond film is about to be released (ohmygosh 31rd of October *grins*)  I thought it would be a great idea to write Carl as a Secret Agent - therefore this is his profession in this story. He's unhappy with his job, sleeps with lots of nice girls alike the 'real' James Bond, and then is sent to Edinburgh by Mrs. NoLife and the MMS (Majesty's Secret Service). There he meets Peter, who will be his partner in crime (or well, in good, in this case). When he finds out what their assignment actually means, Carl is not feeling happy with it at all, especially not as it reminds him of something which ensued when he was a teenager.

I originally started to write it as an one shot, but I'm still not quite done with it (asking for a Beta because I'd really like to know if it's post-worthy) and it's well over 18 pages / 10.000 words by now, so I'll have to split it up anyhow.

Please leave a comment if you'd like to edit this xD I do have to add I am easily upset when I get nasty critique (it's better when it's told kindly, far as possible) and I'm not too fond of Betas who think they should change the entire story because mine sucks (happened to me in the past and I felt dead annoyed by it). I won't mind if someone offers ideas but it's not said I'm going to use them - I'll write the story the way I want to anyway :D 

Thank you!

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(no subject)

Aug. 23rd, 2008 | 06:17 pm
posted by: irri_power in albion_beta

hey! :D I'm searching for a beta (which is kind of obvious, regarding me posting here) for my fic. It's called 'suits and sunset' and I started with it about 1 year ago. I decided to finish it, but I haven't spoken my old beta in a while and I guess she's too bussy.
The fic is AU, schoolboy!fic. So if you have anything against that, I don't think you'll be the right beta ;) nothing kinky is in there, I think it fits 'E' but I'm not sure. I'm not very picky, just a few things
- English isn't my first language, so I may make very silly mistakes.
- Didzease already does a little bit beta-ing, but as her first language isn't English either, she suggested I got another beta too.
- I do not want you to rewrite my store. Of course, you can tell me what you would change, but please don't change the fic ;)
- oh, when you beta, please don't change the things that are wrong. Just put behind it what's wrong and what's best to change it. I kind of think this is obvious, but I don't want any misunderstandings ^^ in this way I can learn something from it.

if you're interested in my other parts (note: I know that there are mistakes in there, but I don't need a beta for those parts. just for the ones that are about to be written)
previous parts:

so, if anyone would like to beta me? :D thanks in advance.

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(no subject)

Aug. 20th, 2008 | 04:00 pm
feeling called beta: creative
posted by: cpemslie in albion_beta

 This is my first real attempt at Peter/Carlos fic ... it's not one for the faint-hearted or weak of stomach ... at the moment it resembles more than anything else a cross between 'Paradise Lost' and 'Naked Lunch' ... there are demons, fantasy, drug addiction and filthy slash. I've got the first three or so parts written up, and I feel it needs the attention of a beta-reader, someone to read it over and tell me if I need to amend or expand bits (I imagine it needs some fleshing out), and also to discuss plotlines as I'm not sure exactly where it's going right now.

Title: In Wand'ring Mazes Lost
Rating: NC-17
Summary (very vague): In classic apocalypse movie style, the fiends of hell have found a way to reclaim heaven and earth as their own, but they need a mortal soul to help them do it ... in this case, junkie poet Peter Doherty. On hand to help and hinder Pete respectively are flatmate and oblivious object of adoration Carlos and unscrupulous (and demon-possessed) dealer Wolfman.

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ooh new and nervous!

Jul. 9th, 2008 | 09:28 pm
posted by: ranklove in albion_beta

hello dudes
brand new member, cruisin’ for a fic bruisin’. Anyone fancy helping out a first timer? Not new to fanfic itself, but have never written pete/carl before and am terrified of them! Christ they’re complicated buggers.
Albion fic has saved my life since I realised it existed – I think I’d cry if I posted a load of dross and let the side down! So please, nice brutal criticism wanted! I think my main issues tend to be the obvious things like tenses and characterisation. Also am fond of tautology. Fun times!
Title: Hope There’s Someone
Pairing: Pete/Carl
Chapters: This’ll hopefully end up around 3 parts. The first is completely done, the second is started and all of it is planned.
Genre: present day fic, angst, sort of fluffish sexin' (that's probably not a real genre)
Ranking: currently E, but ooh S on the horizon
Teaser: Pete looks down at him quickly, then peers straight ahead into the gloom. “Fancied an adventure with my Biggles, didn’t I? Biggles Looks Back, and all that.”
A/N: inspired by some sort of horrible mixture of hollyoaks and Antony and the Johnsons, with the latter owning the title.
Ooh probably ought to also say that I’m heading away this weekend (t in the park woot woot) so if anyone does want to beta, don’t worry about time! On reflection this is a really stupid time to post this – but oh I’m so nervous about it already!
Thanks darlin’s.

(edited in an attempt to sort out massive text! arrrgh sorry)

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(no subject)

May. 29th, 2008 | 11:14 pm
posted by: libby_amelie in albion_beta


I just wrote this story, I have no idea what to call it, or any idea if it's any good or not. So feedback would be welcomed :)

It's a present day Pete/Carl one, with Carl being on tour with DPT and Pete generally following him around and messing him around, also it does get a bit fluffy in parts.

If you feel like being lovely and helping me out comment me or my emails Missdoda@hotmail.com

Thanks :) xxxx

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My fic needs your help

May. 5th, 2008 | 02:59 pm
posted by: 0_clay_0 in albion_beta

Hello everybody,

about a year ago I have started to write a little fic as a present for my sister. Over time the story has slowly progressed into something bigger than I originally intended - currently I have 86 pages of it on my computer. In the end it's going to be about 110 pages long. I've loved and cursed and lived in this fic for such a long time that it has come as a real shock when I realized a few weeks ago that all of a sudden I seem to suffer from severe writer's block... I simply can't manage to write the next scenes and consequently doubt the whole story right now. Luckily, my ever considerate (and maybe slightly impatient) sister pointed me in your direction, and now I am here, looking for someone to throw me and my fic a lifejacket - and maybe tell me honestly, if this is worth posting somewhere on LJ.

Alright... on to the fic details:

: The Escalator
Chapters: Yes. It was supposed to be 8 chapters long, but that would make 8 awfully long chapters... Three quarters of the fic and the last chapter are finished.
Pairing: Peter/Carl (naturally)
Genre: AU but interspersed with RL things. I'd also call it a slow motion fic. :-) Third person, but mostly Carl's POV.
Rating: I have no idea. It starts innocently enough, but the rating goes up over time, yet for some reason I don't think the sex scenes are all that explicit. Or are they? You tell me! :-)
Random plot fragments: Carl lives inside his head, Pete lives inside the songs he plays on his old acoustic guitar. An escalator, a pigeon, some angst and a lot of romance feature in a week that changes two boys' lives.

Oh well... I wanted to include an extract here, but I only joined LJ today and consequently have no idea how to make a cut. *hangs head*  But if you are interested, I can always send you the first (short) chapter and you can see, if you like it enough to help me out. Good command of the (British) English language and some basic London knowledge on your part would be excellent, but of course I am thankful for any help you might want to offer. :-)

Stay beautiful,

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